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Best Intentions Theater Company is pleased to announce the casting call for our first annual One-Act Festival! We will be presenting 4 new original works at a small festival this coming November 16th and 17th.



Saturday, October 12th - 6:00 to 9:00pm

Sunday, October 13th - 6:00 to 9:00pm

CALLBACKS, by invitation: Monday, October 14th from 6:30-9:30pm

Please Bring a headshot and resume, along with 90 seconds of material that best demonstrates your acting ability.


The Stella Adler Studio of Acting

65 Broadway Floor 2, New York, NY 10006

Please sign-up for one of the 10-minute audition slots. Walk-Ins are welcome to join our waitlist but appointments are encouraged:


Also, before attending your audition, please fill out this general availability/interest form:

Can’t make it to auditions? send us a self tape!

Please send a self tape of your audition material, (90 seconds of material that best demonstrates your acting ability), and include a headshot and resume in the email. send to We will be accepting submissions through Saturday October 12th.





The Dungeon by Enzo Gattuccio

Directed by Josephine Hurshell-Hobson


Five friends buckle in for a night of Dungeons, Dragons, and smokin’ reefer. Abby, new to the group, tries to find her place in the group of seasoned D&D vets. Reid just wants the night to be over. As their characters embark on a long journey, they find themselves examining their past, present, and future selves. A snippet of reality, The Dungeon explores a question we often find ourselves asking: Is it really possible to grow up if you can’t let go of your past? 

Abby - tough, confident and doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Reid - angsty, cool, and been through a lot.

Simon - high, opinionated and the natural leader.

Kyle - goofy, open and can take a joke.

Dexter - mysterious, quiet and probably a genius.


Papercut by Celeste Amidon

Directed by Samuel Emerson Krapels

An intimate two hander covering the very end of a relationship between two strong willed, uncommunicative ex-lovers. As they look through the last of their things, they revisit important milestones in their time together, and simultaneously have new revelations about the person they thought they knew so well. As they work through the good and the bad, they are never more aware of their differences, and discover new ground where they are exactly the same.

LUNA, 24 - The kind of girl who would get a funny tattoo.

MARK, 25 - A golden retriever in brooks brothers.


Too Much by Madeline Jewell

Directed by Samuel Wright Richardson

Young, horny friends meet for drinks and bad decisions. Who's drinking what and what's smoking who remains to be seen.


THOMAS - Patrick Bateman's skincare routine monologue lipsynced by someone who only thinks he's a psychopath (he isn't.) Gay male, early 20s.

CHRIS - If Ducky from Pretty In Pink were AFAB GNC and also Timmy Chalamet in Ladybird. Queer NB, early 20s.

JANE - Looking for love, looking for answers, she's the girl who says she'll never drink again and then tomorrow night is still vomiting confessions and vomit all over her friends. Questioning female, early 20s.

LUKE - A nice boy. Boybird. Has never seen American Psycho. Gay male, early 20s.


A new piece from our Playwright in Residence, Jonathan Young.

Directed by Joseph Kevin Coles 



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